It was 20 years ago AZ became no. 6 in New York City Marathon. To me AZ is Allan Zachariasen. But AZ is also Alan Zucker the driver who had just picked me up at JFK Airport.
"It is not that often we have runners from Denmark", he said. No, I had to admit that the marathon standard in Denmark was rather poor at the moment, but it had earlier been better. Once we even had a no. 5 in Dorthe Rasmussen.
AZ: "Dorthe Rasmussen! I have not heard that name for a long time. It is nice to think of her again after so many years. She was here at several occasions - a great runner".
No wonder the success. From A to Z, NYCM is full of people with great passion for the event and its runners. There are several thousand volunteers and more than a million spectators. Even so,
if I had to drop out of the race the
sweeper Zeke Zucker would pick me up.
Nobody wants to finish that way, but
I knew it would not be that bad anyway
to go with Zucker, A or Z.
It was Alan Zucker's 24th NYCM. "Some
day I will pick up a runner, daughter or son
of a runner I have picked up earlier. Then
it is time for me to stop", said AZ driving
runners from A to Z.
Peder Troldborg, Nov. 2005                   
Allan Zachariasen
1500m                        3.42.8
3000m                        7.54.0
3000m st.                   8.35.6
5000m                      13.42.15
10000m                    29.06.21
1/2 maraton               1.03.31
Maraton                     2.11.05
Dorthe Rasmussen
1500m          4.13.5
3000m          8.57.8
5000m        15.29.7
10000m        32.02.89
1/2 maraton   1.09.48
Maraton         2.29.34
From A to Z

First time I had the chance to be back with a daughter or son was in 2013 but then Zucker had "already" retired. Even though Jonatan won his age group we almost needed the sweeper at last!
Best Danes in New York City Marathon
Nr. 5
Nr. 6
Nr. 10
Dorthe Rasmussen
Allan Zachariasen
Tove Schultz-Lorentzen