"Your training should be enjoyed, not just endured".
"If winning is the only thing that rescues athletes from "wasting their time training," then there are a lot of unhappy people wasting their time running".
"If you want to train faster, prove you're fit enough by racing faster first".
"Consistent training is the key to success, and trying to set a record in an interval workout is not the best way to achieve consistency. Use the interval workout to meet your long-term goals with as little effort as possible; donīt overtrain".
"Whatever type of training program you decide on, follow one that is enjoyable enough (or at least rewarding enough) that you will stay with it long enough to find out how good you are capable of becoming. Be able to look back and say you enjoyed the training as much as you enjoyed the outcome of a well-run race. That is the real sign of a good training program".
Four types of runners:
Type 1: high ability and motivation - champions
Type 2: high ability, little motivation - "coach frustrators"
Type 3: little ability, high motivation - "self-frustrators" and potential overtrainers
Type 4: little ability, little motivation - in the wrong activity
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