Among the spectators loud cheers around mile 22 I heard a strange almost whimpering sound. I looked over my shoulder and saw my son's face, pale and distorted!
A shocking sight and still we had 4 miles to run. Jonatan was about to drop out of the race. I tried to encourage him and said: "Do not worry; it's not dangerous, just painful."
Half an hour later and a trip to the Medical Center, he was happy again and a proud winner of his age group in NYCM.
Ten days after I was hit by intense pain in the diaphragm.
After forty hours of suffering and two admissions to Aarhus University Hospital, the doctor calming concluded that it just was a case of gall stone.
"Do not worry, it's not dangerous, just painful," he said and sent me home again.
That's what I call Nemesis!
The Rolling Stone
Photo: ING-NYC-Marathon, November 3, 2013
Viva Marathon!
Stone Age Man Peder Troldborg