The running community on the Faroe Islands is growing exponentially. When Pól started to run there were only a handful of runners in Klaksvik. Today they organize open training with up to 400 runners participating. Amazing for a total community of only 5000 inhabitants!
Even though I have been running in more than 25 years I often speculate on the meaning of al this running. But when I talk to Pól about the time before he started running and he gets serious with speech unclear and eyes getting wet I understand a deeper meaning!
Run for fun on the Faroe Islands
Peder Troldborg
Serious running on the Faroe Islands
The former mayor of Sveinoy, Pól Sundskarđ, started to run when he was 46. At that time he had a bodyweight on 94 kg. The year after his bodyweight was 69 kg and he did his first marathon in Torshavn Marathon 05 in the time 3:09:52!
Hallur, Jonhard, Pól, Peder, Guttorm. Klaksvik, April 07.