Photo: Kim Gudmand
Virgin comes to the Games
Virgin London Marathon, in 2:34:56 Jess Petersson
has qualified for the Olympics representing Denmark.
"Unknown marathon runner qualifies for the Olympics"
hit the Danish headlines the day after!
Jess Petersson was almost presented as a virgin in
marathoning. But of course you don't have to google
much to find that she is not a virgin when it comes to
endurance sports as a whole. In fact she has several
duathlon world champion medals in here baggage.
According to the Danish press Jessica Draskau
Petersson is living in London working 60 hours a week
as a PhD in law.
Now from an amateur's site we celebrate the example
of the unknown hardworking virgin.
Congratulations Jess and good luck!
Peder Troldborg, Aarhus 1900
August 5, 2012 Jess ran 2:31:43 at the Olympics to become an amazing 40th place and later at the European Championship in Zürich 2014 she reached an 8th place with 2:30:53.