Under my hat: Willie the winner
It was in May 93 in Istanbul. Sparta was at the Europa Cup and the day before we were out training on the stadium.
I was jogging around feeling petty of myself. It was unbearable hot and I felt heavy and miserable. I stopped to do stretching and looked at the others. It was the first time I saw him run. They called him Willie. Of course I had heard of him before, our new running talent, but not yet seen him in action. It seemed to be incredibly easy and effortlessly. I thought he was running 200m pace, 200m jog and took a split on 26 secs. Couldn't believe it. I took one more. Again, 26 sec. and it was obvious that he enjoyed it. I had never seen anything like it. It was a breeze and he went on and on. I was witness to the finest art of running and from that moment I was his biggest fan.
The day after Willie won both the 800 and 1500m and ran a great last trip on our 4x400m relay. I saw his talent for running as unlimited and at the same time I clearly understood the limits of mine.
Two years later he was world champion and I was family man and baby jogger.
Peder Troldborg
Willie looked like a million bucks
wearing my hat, Ray Ban and Rolex in turkish copy.
Later it became the real thing!
Ran ING NYC Marathon for peace 2011
Christmas 97. We were Kipketer disciples when Wilson visited 
in Aarhus.
Shortly after he went to Kenya for Christmast. There at last he found his "superior", the parasite Malaria.