I run for fun! But still very serious - making records of pace and heart rate and reading Jack Daniels to improve my training - just, if you read this, you might think I drink it too! Nevertheless this autumn morning there were no fun and no indications of an Easy Run for me!
My place of work had moved five miles further out and I was accustoming a new routine of transportation from my home: bike halfway, run halfway and visa versa in the evening.
I was feeling heavy and fatigue. Just like the morning traffic - a slow emotion reply of something that used to be - faster, much faster!
Some kids on their way to school were pointing and waving and giving signs. Were they talking to me? I didn't hear! I had music in my ears and running formulas on my mind.
Forehead first, ten steps hard, ten steps easy!
Further down the road I saw a poster: Oneness by Mariko Mori was in town! I thought, what is oneness but running around in circles like me - lost in thought?
A little later I came to an open spot with a view to the countryside. I saw an incineration plant working in the horizon and I was thinking: "Oh, I am burning fat". I felt old and again I was caught by a thought: ageing is the real bonfire of vanity!
Then I passed a school, a lot of traffic on the sidewalk and further down a bridge over a railway track. The morning train was coming in!
I saw funny people all around, but this morning I felt they were all looking at me!
Finally I reached the area where our company is placed and suddenly in a reflection from a window, I saw a strange looking character. It almost looked like a dome-headed dinosaur! But then I realized the silhouette was of me, serious running with a crash helmet on my head! Oh no, I had forgotten to take it off when I left the bike!
Anyway, surprised by my self and feeling seriously stupid, at least I was sure!
I run for fun!
Peder Troldborg
20 Nov. 2008