Life is a surprise.
You never know
what you get!
Photo: Hans Kilian
CPH Marathon 03
the 2nd life of the 2nd hound
   ooo running in circles ooo
   Sacri Monti  Thank you!  Italia!
   Running on Jack Daniels  Oh, Goat!
   NO PAIN NO GAIN  It's hard to go easy
   The pacemaker  Denmark on the run
   Sea Level Amateurs
   Virgin comes to the games
   The very best & Coe
   Will2win   Willie the winner
   Dinosaur  HR & TIME
   Help!   Lance the lion
   Why don't we do it in the road?
   Fast one: endure!  Slow one: be smart!
   Run on the Faroe Islands
   The mothers & the others
   Daddys Power Music
   Seasons Greetings  RUN ME DOWN
   Joseph McVeigh (with or without his dog)
   Sweeper on the Chinese wall
   the 2nd life of the 2nd hound  from A - Z
25 jubilee
Strawberry Fields Forever
Peder Pain
the flying dane